What are the Best Features of Office 365?

Mar  | Tier 1 Techs

One way your business can improve productivity and profitability is by moving your office applications from traditional Microsoft Office to Office 365. This is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office that is the combination of two new trends in information technology, cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS).

While “the cloud” is a nebulous term for those unfamiliar with it, simply put it is a way to access technology via the internet. Instead of installing applications locally, they are stored on a remote server.

SaaS bypasses software licensing and administration in favor of paying a subscription for programs. There is no need to install any software or set up a dedicated server, all programs and updates are provided.

By combining the two, Microsoft 365 brings a lot of advantages to small businesses that may have limited IT budgets.

Low cost –  While the initial migration of existing files to the cloud may take some time and investment, once you have all users using Office 365, the monthly cost per user is extraordinarily low. The versions of word, excel, and outlook on 365 are identical to the traditional versions which means your employees won’t need retraining. And since subscription plans are on a per-user basis, Office 365 is scalable to your use, so you can quickly add more users to fill a seasonal need or reduce them to lower costs.

Mobility – Cloud-based applications like Office 365 are available to all users from any device at any time. This gives your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere there is an internet connection. If your company requires a lot of travel, Office 365 is a solid choice to make sure your employees have access to all office applications on the go.

Collaboration – Your employees can access and send email, view shared calendars, edit documents, run online meetings and video conferences either in the office or remotely from a mobile device. This is a powerful tool that lets your employees meet, communicate, and collaborate in real time without having to sit in the same conference room.

Fully updated software – Since you are accessing software online, you do not need to worry about whether you have the latest version of Office. This reduces downtime and enhances security.

For a small business owner, the benefits of Office 365 are plentiful. Tier 1 Techs has implemented the Office 365 productivity suite to dozens of companies just like yours. Call us today for a free consultation!