What is Business Continuity Planning and Why is it Important?

Pcr Jan Wk Tues | Tier 1 Techs

When you began your business, you had a business plan. A detailed, step-by-step roadmap to your product, your finances, your competencies, every resource and asset you intend to make your business dream a reality. Now that your business is established, do you have a business continuity plan?

Disaster can strike at any time.  Natural or artificial, internal or external, the source doesn’t matter as much as your response to it. A business continuity plan is a step by step procedure that explains the various critical business functions and details how you intend to keep them running or resume them after a disruption. It covers all aspects of your business and grows along with it with the explicit goal of reducing the downtime when things go wrong.

Your business continuity plan should also incorporate the following:

Define your tolerance for data loss and downtime – If your business is of the 24/7 variety, you can’t afford to be down for more than a few minutes, while other businesses are more resilient to not having technology available.

Determine and rank your mission-critical applications – Inventory your hardware and software and rank them into what needs to be up immediately, and what can wait. Prioritizing your applications will greatly speed up recovery time.

Define who does what – Your business continuity plan specifies responsibilities to management, business continuity teams and service providers and internal personnel needed to implement the plan.

Specify how to handle sensitive information – Have a plan for what happens to financial and personal information in the event your servers go down.

Plan for regular updates and testing – A business continuity plan that is a few years old is worthless in the face of danger. Not only should it be kept up to date, but it should be fully tested for functionality and to be sure your staff knows what do when it becomes real.

Don’t leave your business open to loss and downtime. Every IT recovery plan we provide at Tier 1 Techs is matched to your distinct requirements and is supervised by one of our expert project managers. From conception to completion, your recovery strategy and disaster recovery plan will cover all mission-critical applications, will address all your unique business needs, and will get your business working quickly after any business disruption.