Why Small Businesses Need Tier 1 Techs

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Small Businesses have the most to lose in the cybersecurity game, and if that sounds like fabricated truth, take a look at some of the following stats from the National Cyber Security Alliance and the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report:

  • 70% of attacks are aimed at small businesses.
  • 61% of security breaches hit smaller businesses last year.
  • Cyber attacks cost small businesses between $84,000 and $148,000.
  • 60% of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of a cyberattack.

Yet, with all of the public knowledge regarding the threat that small businesses face, business owners still are not taking preventative measures to protect their organizations.  In fact, a study by Paychex found that 68% of small business owners are not concerned about getting hacked, and 90% said they were at least somewhat confident they could recover in the event of a successful attack. To make matters worse, 90% of small businesses don’t use any data protection at all for company and customer information.

The problem is this: small business owners are constantly focusing on their trade to keep business operations running, leaving them little time to concern themselves with matters like IT security.  In reality, strengthening their IT defense might be the one thing that keeps their company afloat.

That’s where Tier1 Techs comes in.

How We Help

At Tier 1 Techs, we know what it means to run a small business.  We understand that bottom-line results are the most important factor and that personal relationships are the key to helping businesses grow.  That’s why we offer a wide range of proactive solutions at a fair price and focus on providing “relationship-driven” results.

We take the stress of IT out of your hands. As a Managed Security Services Provider, we act as an extension of your company by delivering complete network coverage, endpoints, vulnerability management, monitoring, and analysis. Our 24/7 network monitoring means that your company’s security does not run on 9-5 hours.  No matter the time of day, our customers have peace of mind knowing that their business’ critical servers are operating efficiently and, should anything go wrong, issues will be addressed immediately by our 24/7 network monitoring operations center.

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Don’t become another statistic in a cybersecurity report.  If you’re running a small business, it’s imperative to have an IT plan that will protect you against any threats.  Give us a call or request a quote online to learn how Tier 1 Techs will protect your business and help it grow.