Why Your Business Needs Continuous Data Protection

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is one part of securing the continuity of your business. It is one section of the overall strategy of protecting the integrity of your data and recovering your information in the event of a loss. It is also a relatively new way of looking at the way we store and backup our data. Any high-quality IT service provider, such as Tier 1 Techs, will include this service as part of an IT recovery plan and integrate it into cloud backup services. There are many benefits that come from taking advantage of this modern method of data protection.


What is CDP?


Taking precautions to protect your data and operations is a crucial aspect of operating a business today. Continuous Data Protection is one of the most modern and efficient alternatives to traditional data backup. The traditional methods often created complete copies of existing files every time that you ran a backup procedure.

CDP is a more efficient practice because it examines your data for changes or alterations and only saves these new sections. Rather than creating whole new copies, it backs up the appropriate changes. On one file that might seem like a small difference in strategies, but when you apply that across whole servers and whole companies, it can make a significant difference.


The Benefits of Continuous Data Protection.


  • A Faster Backup Process: This more efficient process of backing up your data makes the whole method faster to execute. As your business grows, the amount of information that you will need to handle and protect will continue to expand as well. Under the traditional data backup solutions, this growth would mean that you require more and more time to complete your backup. CDP empowers you to achieve backups in less time.
  • Computing Power: All of this extra time you spend with traditional backup methods adds up and can even slow down your operating systems. Slowing down your systems can result in shorter response times to clients or serious issues. CDP consumes less computing power. This saves your business money and your personnel crucial time.
  • Less Storage Space: Thanks to the way that CDP operates, the information it is storing takes up less overall space. If you use local backups, cloud storage, or even a combination of the two, this is an excellent feature. Taking up less space means spending less money on hardware or monthly fees from your data center.
  • Resting Easy: Once you hire a managed IT service provider, like Tier 1 Techs, you should not have to worry about your information technology nearly as much as before. The same goes for your data protection. Continuous Data Protection is precisely what it sounds like, and with the right service provider, you will never go unprotected again. Removing this headache will allow you to focus on the other essential parts of your business.

    CDP is another element of disaster recovery strategies too. We can never predict when a natural disaster or surprise event will occur. This is why every business needs a stable and efficient way of backing up all of their critical and sensitive data. Online backup services with CDP will be able to more easily hit your recovery time objectives.


Large and small businesses alike need to understand the value of CDP and why traditional backup software is no longer the best way to secure the continuity of your company. Continuous data protection is an investment in the future of your business. It will secure your recovery from data loss or disasters and make your daily operations run more efficiently. This whole process fulfills the Tier 1 Techs promise of enhancing your business while safeguarding your day-to-day activities.